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Basic Weight loss = Smart eating

I am like most women when it comes to teetering weight gain and loss. With each passing year and another notch to my age it seems as though the calories get harder and harder to burn.  A slice of pizza no longer takes 5 days to burn off, rather a week. Yuk! Awww, come on, that is one of my favorite decadent foods to eat. Life is no fair! Hmph.

Over the last two years I have been figuring out what truly works for my body without any kind of crazy dieting, starvation 101 plans, or cutting out all of my decadent foody desires. First basic step. Training my mind, remembering how much I love me when my pants are easy to button and how I feel emotionally when I allow myself to not constantly overindulge. I highly recommend The Jungle Effect, written by Daphne Miller.

I take my time losing weight even if it takes 6 months or longer to notice a difference. I work out as well but not crazily. I make sure I can keep my heart rate up as long I do something active, even if for only half an hour.

Eating in moderation with smaller portions throughout the day. By doing this my metabolism is able to burn up more food and the unused calories don’t store themselves in my fat cells. Stick with Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids.

Because I do not have a super active job I have cut down significantly on my carb intake (carbs and sugar turn themselves into fat if not burned) and concentrate on protein. I eat fruit throughout the day when I have an urge to grab a homemade cookie or yummy desert at work. There is always food around at the places I work so temptation lurks.  I am also a coffee drinker so instead of going for something sugary and nonproductive for my mind or body I will make a soy latte.  Decaf since I am wimp for the jitters. There is a low sugar content in the soy and I pour maybe 1/4 of a cup over the espresso. Mmmmmmm…..that’s making me want one now. Coffee snobs unite! Wait, that’s another topic, back to the program.

Instead of deep fried foods I will choose flash fried but only as a very special treat. Like when I am eating sushi.  I will have one or two pieces. I allow myself indulgences when I am eating well. I love big salads so I will not deny myself my favorite dressings. I will fill myself up on salads and know that it is okay to add dressing since my meal is so nutritious.

There are so many ways to maintain a healthy weight. It is all about healthy foods. NO fast foods. Absolutely not. Mind over matter truly.  Try going to Whole foods or some place similiar where you can indulge in their tastings to get over a craving. While you are there you know you can feel safe being in an environment that lends itself to more positive choices. It is all about smaller portions and enjoying it for what it is in that moment. You have a lifetime ahead of you to try all of your small indulgences.

Do not beat yourself if you fall off the wagon. Try getting your heart rate up and if that does not work, know you are merely human and we all fall off of the wagon one way or another.  If you do not work out than know that it is okay if you must go crazy once or twice replace those temptations with veggies next time.

Bored sitting around? Want to grab some snacks? Chips? Try something different. If you are going to rebel and stuff your face have baked chips on hands. Even better have an alternative chip on hand that is different and fun. Experiment with healthy premade foods. Once you are done eating your portion, give the remainder of the bag to a homeless person, your neighbor, a pet. Get rid of it after you have enjoyed it for that moment. You can have a lifetime of those moments if you choose to not slam the entire bag down.

Fat free on a label does not necessarily mean fat free. Look at the contents. Is there sugar? Ouch. Is there some yucky sugar alternative? More than likely it means that is sweeter, will not digest propery and will not break down in your body as it should. Stick with healthy. Now now, do you hear me?

Three gold stars for me!  Good luck and see you on the road to feeling more energetic. See you in the furture having a longer lifespan  and simply contributing  to a healthier y-o-u.

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